We consort closely with investors, local activist and government authorities to bring out the best of each community we engage in. Each project is a direct reflection of the strength and variety of local talent and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to bring multi-faceted possibilities of sustainable architecture to the world.

Retired shipping containers have been used for all sorts of creative projects: hotels, houses, stores, restaurants, schools, and libraries to name a few. The appeal stems from a reality of the advantages in utilizing shipping containers over traditional construction materials. To name a few:

Environmentally friendly

The times we live in have left many people conscious of their ecological footprint. According to DiscoverContainers.com, a group that designs container homes, an estimated 500,000 shipping containers are abandoned each year.

Not only is upcycling shipping containers saving them from being left to rot abandoned, but each container used limits the production of cement, a major source of atmospheric CO2, and reduces the world’s usage of steel by about 3500 kilograms per container.

Time and cost-effective

Though utilizing shipping containers as infrastructure can be a laborious process each time, as specialized tools and expertise are needed on top of the common architectural, at Bloc we have specialized and invested in the craft, putting all of the knowledge surrounding container architecture to use with our diverse offerings, making it quick and easy for us to build.
Due to the uniformity of our materials, our building requirements are both time and cost-effective. The flexibility of cargotecture, combined with our dedication to it, allows us to offer space at competitive prices.

Durable and safe

Designed to endure unpredictable and rough conditions while carrying heavy cargo, shipping containers are also incredibly durable and have the ability to sustain hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, making them extremely safe. They are also profoundly more lightweight when compared to cement buildings.

A quick look over our offerings will reveal a common thread: each is an adaptation of traditional retail space, venue space, and/or office space.

The versatility of our craft is a testament to its utility. We provide pop-up marketplaces, regenerative public areas, large-scale entertainment venues, agile office spaces, and even revival infrastructure for communities hit by natural disasters. Unique and spacious monuments to the endless possibilities of their form, Bloc provides dynamic additional community spaces fit for any type of locality.

For city builders, creating engaging community spaces is one of the most challenging aspects of urban development. With Bloc’s dedication to placemaking, a collaborative approach to community building and the reimagining of public spaces, it becomes one of the easiest, even one of the most exciting, aspects of city-wide development. When Bloc creates, we create locally, utilizing the skills of the local community to redefine neighborhoods and foster a deeper sense of neighborhood wellness. Browse the Bloc Park website to learn more about the different types of urban development we can provide.