What many don’t often think about is the role event space plays in creating the optimal atmosphere. An ideal event must be paired with an equally ideal event space and, when it’s not, the vibe can be all off. A poetry reading has to feel cozy, a sports game has to feel alive, and an art show is best when cavernous. At Bloc, we understand the need for dynamic event space, and have come up with a solution.

Bloc Venue has the capacity to encompass all types of spacial needs for any kind of event. Bloc Venue is our largest Bloc Park available.

BLOC Venue

A venue bloc covers more square feet than other developments, allowing for large scale event and organizing spaces. Bloc Venue combines Bloc Retail and Bloc Office with expansive entertainment space to create the ultimate community hub. As a comprehensive lifestyle and cultural center, a Bloc Venue can be comprised of any number of activity spaces such as concert halls, sport facilities, restaurants, bars, conference centers, club space, art galleries, parks, libraries, and academic facilities.

A Bloc Venue has the ability to transform an everyday neighborhood into a lively city destination. The dynamic use of space encourages hosting of cultural events. Not only does having a venue incentivize groups to organize and share their talents with the public, but it also motivates groups already hosting large events to bring them to your neighborhood. Imagine your town being the host of theatrical performances, cinematic openings, and gastronomic events. Having a dynamic event space is a great way to enliven your community.

Shipping containers have the ability to create incredible works of architecture. Containers are vastly flexible building material when you have, as Bloc has, the tools necessary to effectively manipulate their structures. With Bloc, a regular steel box can be transformed into a third of a contemporary loft-style conference room, four steel boxes equals an indoor tennis court, a conference room, or a cozy theater. If it was up to us, pandora’s box would have been a shipping container. No joke. Bloc Venue can be a host to all sorts of community events, as well as a permanent resting place for neighborhood activity spaces. With Bloc Venue, as with all Bloc designs, the possibilities are endless.