With our pop-up mall model

We supply space to trade away from generic high street prices, rigid leases, and negative connotations detrimental to emerging brands. Bloc retail focuses on the specific physical, cultural, and social identities that define each place, in an effort to bring the soul of the streets into the spotlight of the city where it belongs. As incubators for new shopkeepers and entrepreneurs, Bloc retail spaces are hubs of innovative technology across diverse fields. The retail spaces are not only rented out to expose brands to new markets, but also to expose them to other brands, creating collectives within the Bloc that grow, create, and think together.

Bloc is the perfect hub

for those retailers looking to network, find partnerships, and build their brand. More than just a place to browse shop windows, a Bloc pop-up mall is an experiential shopping experience that fosters long term brand-to-brand and brand-to-customer relationships, revitalizing antiquated elements of the traditional retail experience. As an engaging part of any community, Bloc provides curated interactive social experiences designed to draw locals and tourists alike. In each Bloc, a perfect balance of the “live work play” model is set in place.

Each pop-up is a conglomeration of art, food, live music, undiscovered designers, and experimental ideas all in one place. With our outdoor and indoor community spaces, we offer a platform for DJ’s, local bands, and other creatives. Due to the customizability of our construction material, our plans are as endless as the possibilities are. Outdoor cinemas, laser tag facilities, and skateparks are just a few options of our outdoor communal spaces. Indoor spaces? Naming a few wouldn’t even do them justice.

In each city we visit, we bring the leaders of creative communities together. Each Bloc is made by the local community for the local community. Each Bloc is an upholder of cultural vitality, a space for meeting friends, enjoying shows and special events, and discovering emerging vendors. With the right architecture, a shopping mall becomes a community center and a shop becomes an experience, and a neighborhood becomes a destination.
That’s what we do with Bloc Retail: we make “experiential retail” more than just a popular buzzword: for us, it is a dedicated practice.