Our container resorts will come in a variety of locations and styles and are an alternative to traditional hotels. On top of the rooms available, the resorts will contain fitness rooms, conference centers, and other traditional amenities. Besides these amenities, there will also be location-specific activities built into each resort and, of course, all of our resorts will be eco-friendly and sustainable projects. Just like the pod and capsule hotels available in Japan, container hotels are the new explorer’s must-try.

From retail space, office space, to community venues-- Bloc Park’s priority is optimal design and affordable prices. Our Bloc resorts are no different.

With the help of our team of professional architects and designers, we will create some of the most truly exceptional and unique vacation destinations. With the use of shipping containers, we can optimize spatial requirements and operational costs so as to operate efficiently and economically. The resorts will be spacious, minimalist locations perfect for engaging in an experiential vacation of every location we offer.