According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), laboratory buildings cost about five times as much to build and operate than office buildings. According to NREL, a premium for the construction of a new laboratory can be anywhere from $300 to $1000 per square foot. This is not efficient or affordable infrastructure, and at Bloc we hope to provide a better alternative to this.

A shipping container building is much more affordable than traditional laboratory space or remote-location construction work. Plus, the larger the infrastructure needed, the cheaper per square foot a shipping container project laboratory costs. Bloc Projects is the perfect affordable and versatile infrastructure for conducting research, providing temporary lab space, and hosting government projects. Bloc project leases are flexible, building costs are low, and they are easy to build anywhere. Imagine remote laboratory work done in the comfort of a safe and controlled environment. Plus, shipping containers are easily movable and have minimal impact on the environment around them when compared to more traditional building materials.


With Bloc, laboratory space can be designed specifically to each organizations qualifications and laboratory needs. At Bloc, we have the expertise to provide any type of laboratory or remote project space. By minimizing inefficient space and dynamic allocation of space and equipment, shipping container buildings are more energy efficient than traditional construction techniques. In a Bloc project lab, all space is utilized fully and functions that do not need to be in high-energy areas can be easily moved to low-energy areas.

Bloc is dedicated to the growth of communities, the spread of education, and thus the availability of affordable infrastructure for all. Project Blocs are our offering to the academic and governmental communities. We can provide spaces such as student spaces, staff spaces, chemical storage, teaching labs, military infrastructure, and much more. The possibilities are endless with Bloc Projects. Bloc team members and architects will work with each organization to create the perfect space for each project. We can help each organization prepare an action plan regarding space, climate, energy, and location for each project. We aim to provide the optimal infrastructure necessary to conduct any research or project in any location.