Classic office space leases often are attached to long and complicated lease agreements, extra (but paid for) space no one needs, and boring designs that make working depressing. The world’s answer to this problem seems to be coworking spaces. Coworking spaces are more self-directed, space-efficient, and flexible work areas that are made vibrant by an atmosphere of shared core values of innovation, trust, and a more communal concept of space.

Bloc Office takes the innovation of coworking spaces and applies it to a more professional and inclusive take on work area renting.

This avoids having to pay a per head, such as at coworking spaces, while also avoiding the costly risk of long-term lease agreements that are liability ridden. On top of this efficiency of cost, Bloc utilizes low-cost building materials and the savings from using shipping containers as the construction of the compounds and the savings from this means lower cost rent.

The possibilities are endless with upcycled shipping containers. Their bare-bones approach to architecture makes them incredibly customizable workspaces, creating greater efficiency of space. This customizability goes beyond each office, spanning the whole complex. This allows Bloc Office to be cheaper and more cost efficient than both traditional office spaces and coworking environments.

We provide all the amenities of coworking spaces with greater individuality and customization of your companies own space, plus the comfort of entire self-contained units.

Bloc Office offers a dynamic sharing of spaces, like kitchens and communal activity facilities, which allows for engagement between companies. We provide dedicated large spaces (four shipping containers wide) for conferences, events, seminars, and board meetings at the lowest cost possible.
Coworking environments are nothing new on the market, but they do have some downsides: no privacy leads to a lack of productivity marketed as “networking” and prices for working in these places are usually exorbitantly high, too high for many to justify working there.

Having an actual office location is preferred

But this is also not a viable option for many due to prices and long-term leases. Opposed both to traditional office buildings and coworking spaces, Bloc Office offers flexible leases, short and long term.
When it comes to company performance work environment is one of the most important decisions a business leader has to make. Bloc Office makes it easy.