What Is BLOC?

Bloc Parks is an urban development company with a focus on environmental friendliness and social responsibility. Through our dynamic use of upcycled shipping containers, and our close collaboration with city leaders, Bloc’s designs are adaptable and capable of accommodating city-specific trends and needs. We consort closely with investors, local activist and government authorities to bring out the best of each community we engage in. Each project is a direct reflection of the strength and variety of local talent and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to bring multi-faceted possibilities of sustainable architecture to the world.

Miami BLOC

Our first location is in the center of Miami’s art and fashion district, Wynwood. The district is known for its various artistic, musical, and gastronomical explorations into the intersection between Miami and hispanic culture. As a place with a reputation for being at the forefront of emerging trends, Wynwood is the perfect representation of BLOC’s core values.

Our Locations


Imagine international food, indie art, live music, and undiscovered clothing creators all in one space....


San Francisco

Foundation of the hippy counterculture, and one of the ...



Macaron creating workshops to cheese tasting...


Downtown LA

Active outdoors activities such as sunrise yoga sessions and surfing ...


New York

With it’s fast paced food trends moving faster ...



Showing Eisa drumming performances ...


Contact us

BLOC PARK GROUP INC, Rockefeller Center,
45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111, USA


+44 (0) 207 226 1492

+1 (786) 210-3634

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